Passive BCI Desktop Macros

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A brain-computer interface tool for triggering keyboard shortcuts, system commands, and macro scripts by changing mental states Screen Recording

Getting Started

Windows 10

Executable Download

From Source

pip install -r requirements.txt

Supported Devices

This project was made using the 8 channel OpenBCI Cyton board for EEG data capture. Support for more devices and electrode configurations will be added in the future. Screenshot 1

Frequency Band Thresholding

Triggers are built on modulating activity in different regions of the brain and in different frequency bands. Learn more here

Control methods based on motor imagery and sensory evoked potentials will be added at some point. Screenshot 2


The current version of NeuroShortcut can execute system commands from mental triggers. Future versions will be able to activate keyboard shortcuts and replay mouse movements as well. Screenshot 3

Also check out BCIWiki to learn more about the possibilities with neurotech!